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Keep shining homeboy!

we shd celebrate u now!

— lekgapho

You are talented !

This is your gift from God😭

— katso_lizarene

You did not disappoint

like always Rra!

Thank you for an amazing performance

— milton_o_madikwe_
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Hanceford “HAN-C” Magapatona was born in this era, 1994 to be specific. Passionate about his craft, he caught the music bug from his grandfather who christened him after the legendary Zambian guitarist Hanceford Mutamba.

The self-taught singer/songwriter burst into the local Botswana music scene with his chart topping debut hit, Sedi Laaka (which he co-wrote with his uncle Frampton) by Chrispin the Drummer and Team Distant, showcasing his lyrical and vocal prowess. Sedi Laaka holding the top position on the charts for more than a month. He’s passionate about writing in the local vernacular, using idioms and deep Setswana, talking to life’s everyday experiences. He acclaims his style of writing and artistic ability to the influences of his musical family.



Kapenda Katuta

Acoustic & Lead Guitarist

Mr. Katuta is a veteran guitarist

The legendary guitar maestro from DRC Congo. A master of lead and rhythm who fancies the Fender stratocaster..


Wynton Senwelo

Acoustic & Digital Drum

Nicknamed the Drummerboy, Wynton started playing at age 13. He has matured with age. Dont be fooled by his boyish looks, he packs a mean punch on the snare. He fancies the Roland SPD-SX drum machine


Otlhomame Motlaleng

Keys & Synth Bass

AKA "Joe Sample"

A self taught keys man, "Joe Sample" honed his skilled at church and with the Metrophones band. He's passionate about his keyboard. When he flexes he plays both keys and synth bass.

What an amazing performance by this talented young man. When I grow up I wana be like @hanc_official 😊 - Dr. Mokgweetsi Masisi #PushaBW #YouthFirst #MovingBotswanaForward #GoMasisi

@hanc_official and his band are top 5 best live performances in the country
Oxygen was a vibe last night - @GrownDenz

I swear @hancoffficial Sedi Laaka is still my favorite and it will FOREVER be👐 there are amazing memories behind it,my late baby sister loved that song.I find comfort through your music❤ keep healing us with that beautiful voice🙏🙏🙏 - @_shirleycakes95


Here’s a list of upcoming events by our band in different locations. Please choose a location near to you. We’re thrilled to see you there. Let’s rock!

AUG 30
New Era College

Mascom Squad #MascomVarsityTour

Block 8 Campus



Mascom Squad #MascomVarsityTour



SEP 28
Mahalapye Spring Picnic

Season 2 of the Spring Picnic

Tilodi Farm



A curated selection of best songs from me. Listen and enjoy these album songs. Press play!


Big up my favourite artist, may our God our pillar bless you and protecte you everyday — Bignose Bw
Wow your voice hey ❤ o nale talent bro — Shathani Bahayesi
My role model💕 — kgomotso_tr3y_way
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